Nashville Cleanup Effort

May 22, 2010

I came back from 3 days of clean up in Nashville.  The place actually looks like a war zone.  Can you imagine piles of debris about 8 feet tall and about 4 to 5 miles long ?  I actually stopped counting each day after I wheeled 100 wheelbarrows  each day, across the parking lot and up a small hill. 
8 hours of wheeling debris each day with only a lunch break. Everyday was exactly the same.  We did not stop. 
According to one of the group leaders, We actually moved about 40 tons of debris in 3 days, all by wheelbarrow and shovel.  I will post the pictures. 
I was  on the NBC National news that Monday, ( Brian Williams covered the story ) ,  as I found some gold coins that had been lost in the cleanup effort.  Wouldn't you know it , I finally struck gold and then had to give it back......lolol   
The van load of guys that went with me said they had never experienced anything like it . 
Residents were coming out of the houses to thank us while crying uncontrollably.  It was so sad. People were driving down the streets blowing the horn and shouting,  " Thanks for coming and helping us , GOD bless you !! "  These people were so sincere.....Americans came to help from every where in the U.S. , as far as Oregon.  I was proud to work with them. 
I know that my contribution to the effort seemed so small compared to the enormous damage that was caused.  It was almost like spitting on a forest fire,  but I did what I thought GOD would have me do and I DID go to the aid of my fellow AMERICANS.  They have certainly have been there for me ...........( There is probably a song in this ) 
This was a very heart warming and rewarding experience for me,  I slept real good my first night back home !!!