It's here, Tim's brand new CD,  featuring a song about the parallel careers of he and Alan Jackson.  Also the new song taking storm on the country about the controversial topic about pro life.  Along with chart topping song "Twinkle" 

These songs are funny, patriotic, sad, warm, and some are love songs that just melt the heart.

With each song representing a different aspect of life, latest CD from Spears titled “Satisfaction” offers a comprehensive look at Spears as an individual. Outlining his ability to challenge and question every aspect of his life, the meaning of the CD shines brilliantly through his unique approach and talent as a performer. The rich musical background and self-discovery of Spears is brilliantly captured in the CD which spans many different aspects of life. The musical complexity of “Satisfaction” reflects his evolution as a singer/writer/producer as well as an individual and connects with listeners like few albums are able to.

Beginning his musical career at a early age as a singer Spears began examining the world around him and writing songs.  Learning to play the  guitar, by emulating talented Musicians around him, Spears became a talented singer at a young age. Engaging in choir, chorus, and ensemble in high school, talent contest, Spears honed his singing and songwriting skills that shine brilliantly in his newest release. 

As a songwriter, Spears is fueled and moved by his experience on life topics. His songs are closely and deeply connected to his personal experiences. His music reflects each one in clear and concise fashion. Following his musical dream, each song represents a different area of discovery within his life or around it and the end result is a beautifully layered CD as emotionally complex as human life itself. After one listen of “Satisfaction”, individuals will see a picture of Spears’ experiences brought to life through the album.

Recorded at Nashville Studios, the CD “Satisfaction”  approach like few others was brilliant songwriting and a rich and dynamic sound creates an atmosphere of soulful material accompanied by crisp and well engineered by Nashville's best.   Instrumentals by Nashville musicals; a sound that is unique to Spears and content that is very much his own.

Spears is currently living his dream as a singer and writer with some of the most talented Artists in the industry.    He is regarded as one of the best song writers in the country music business today !! 

 Fans can follow Spears through his journey as a Musician and evolution as an individual as he shares his music with the world. The CD “Satisfaction” is made available through a number of online music outlets including, iTunes,